Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Mom Gives New Meaning to the Word "Babysitter"

                     Meet Beth. She is an AMAZING mom of two boys. She says she is 'just a babysitter'...and she is, in a way that is so much MORE than I've ever imagined.

                               Beth is a surrogate. The baby she is carrying is a girl. She says that as the 'babysitter', she gets to carry and hold and take care of the little one until it's time to go home with her parents. 

                               The baby's name is Molly, and genetically she is 100% of her Mom and Dad! In 4-5 more weeks, Baby Molly will be welcomed by a very excited big brother.

          I have to say that I am so humbled and awed by Beth and the gift she is giving to this family....I don't think I could do it! After carrying a child I wouldn't want to let her go but Beth is really a "big-picture"person, with a mother's spirit and a giving heart...definitely more than the 'babysitter' she gives herself credit for.

                                  If you are expecting and would love to schedule a 'tummy session' with me, I would love the opportunity to mark this special moment in your pregnancy with you.


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